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Sequential Health, LLC offers comprehensive occupational health services, ranging from on site testing programs to information system implementations to health and wellness screenings for all size companies. Global employers look to Sequential for workforce health and productivity information management services including onsite health and wellness testing services. We are a nationally accredited testing provider committed to delivering professional, reliable and accurate information services. We provide supplemental services for other wellness providers and specialize in working with companies that have dispersed workforces nationwide.

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Sequential Health, LLC ’s mission is to be sensitive to preserving the dignity, safety and right to privacy of each employer and as well each employee. Our emphasis on health and wellness along with customer servicUntitlede helps employees and management personnel understand and accept the health and wellness testing process. Sequential has the highest of reputations in designing workplace wellness programs aimed at lowering health care costs. Our unique approach is to provide businesses assistance in implementing a branded health and wellness preventative program.

  Our focus on workplace programs which is legally defensible, cost effective, and beneficial to the client and the client’s employees. Sequential Management Group is a wellness consulting firm focused in providing drug and alcohol testing, behavior health, health risk appraisal (HRA), on-site health screening, disease management, lifestyle coaching services and drug-free workplace program IMG_7842management. We are the perfect company to help present future employees maintain a high level of personal and on-the-job productivity, reduce the overall management and healthcare costs, and reduce the level of absenteeism, tardiness, and accidents of employees experiencing chemical dependency problems. The company strongly believes in customer service as well as customer satisfaction. We work closely with our clients. Overall, Sequential’s Company’s mission is to


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