The NYS DNA Databank and CODIS

Sequential was one of the first bio-reference laboratory to assist The New York State DNA Databank  become operational in August 1996.

The Databank first piloted at Rikers Island Correctional Facility where Sean Gary took on the initiative to train New York State Police Officers and officials in the collection process. The Databank is part of the national  Combined DNA Index System, known as CODIS. A searchable software program, CODIS  provides for the sharing of DNA information among local, state and national  databases.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation  (FBI) serves as the national – NDIS – connection, linking New York State (SDIS)  with other participating states.  New  York’s SDIS connection is in turn linked to eight local – LDIS – connections.  This tiered approach allows for information sharing among federal, state and  local agencies while allowing those agencies to operate their respective DNA  database according to applicable federal and state laws and local policies.

New York State has eight local DNA  laboratories that process forensic evidence from crime scenes and create a  numeric sequence – a DNA profile – from the forensic evidence. All local  laboratories maintain a Forensic Index, which is comprised of those DNA  profiles; those profiles are routinely compared with each other in order to  identify and link crimes that may have the same perpetrator.

The New York State Police Forensic Investigation  Center (FIC) is a local laboratory, processing forensic evidence from crime  scenes and converting that evidence into numeric DNA profile. It also serves as  the SDIS laboratory for New York State,   home to a Forensic Index that contains crime scene DNA profile processed  at the FIC and the seven other local laboratories, enabling comparison of those  profiles across the state and country.


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