• Inside the analyst’s office


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    For more than 10 years psychoanalyst-photographer Mark Gerald has documented analysts’ offices — the decor, artwork and furnishings that help define the space in which analyst and analysand share the work of therapy and internal exploration. And while analysis has changed since its origins in the Vienna office of Sigmund Freud, the analyst’s office shares many of the same features.

    Gerald described to CBS News’ Susan Spencer his interest in photographing offices: “All of the objects in the analyst’s office, whether they’re intentionally designed or brought in, or created, have meaning. Psychoanalysis is a practice of looking at and trying to understand the meaning of experience — not only the surface meaning, but the more underlying meaning.

    Left: The psychoanalytic office of Martin Bergmann, Ph.D., New York, N.Y.

    “Martin Bergman is still practicing. He has turned 100 years old this year, and he is a real treasure in our field,” said Gerald, pointing to his office’s “very classical quality.”

    By CBSNews.com senior producer David Morgan

    Credit: Courtesy Mark Gerald

    Source Article from http://feeds.cbsnews.com/~r/CBSNewsHealth/~3/9Jl6jmWYAT0/2300-3445_162-10016859.html

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