This National Transportation Week, celebrate America’s opportunity network

In millions of transportation-related jobs in the United States– from the U.S. and State DOTs to the rail carriers, transit agencies, freight shippers, airlines, bus companies, ferry services and more–your fellow Americans think day and night about the importance of transportation in our everyday lives so you don’t have to.

But for one week each year–National Transportation Week–we like to remind folks that transportation moves America.

National Transportation Week

Our national transportation system gets you where you need to go and even gives you choices for getting there. Need to get to work? Many of us can drive, ride rail or bus transit, bike, or walk. Traveling for business? Add flying or intercity passenger rail to the range of options. Taking classes? Again, you’ve got choices. Doctor, grocery, hardware store? We’ll get you there.

Trucks, trains, planes, and marine vessels move our food from farm to grocery, with an occasional stop along the way to transform grain into breakfast cereal or milk into ice cream. Roads, rails, and rivers lead iron ore from mines in Minnesota to steel mills in Ohio; then, they steer that steel on to factories across the U.S. And when the manufacturing process is complete, our transportation network takes finished goods to markets, both locally and abroad.

At every step of the way, transportation is either creating opportunities or making them accessible to tens of millions of Americans. If we aren’t adding value, we’re making it possible for others to add value.

The many modes of transportation

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