DNA Testing

DNA paternity testing is based on the fact that each person’s unique genetic blueprint is stored in material known as DNA. This DNA determines everything about us as human being sand is largely the same for all people. However, small differences in DNA between people determine each of our unique characteristics. Read More

Background Screening

Sequential Health, LLC is the premier source for employee screening solutions. With Sequential, you can streamline your background screening process and improve your critical time to hire by leveraging unique technology and automation. We deliver reliable and accurate employment screening solutions with exceptional service and fast turnaround times. Sequential’s employment screening services, Read More

Behavioral Health

Sequential offers behavioral health services nationally to maintain a healthy and productive workforce and quality of life in all communities. We respond effectively to crises across multi-cultural backgrounds. Sequential’s behavioral health teams include mobile teams that can provide onsite response. Our integrated nationwide network can provide a full network of credentialed professionals . Read More

Drug free workplace

Sequential Health, LLC delivers all of these benefits and more. Our high-tech, automated programs have made us one of the industry’s leading Third Party Administrator (TPA). We’ve changed the way businesses handle drug screens. We’ll help your company, too. You’ll reduce the costs of your drug screen program.  Read More

Drug and Alcohol Testing

DOT and NON-DOT Reasons for Testing Pre-employment testing • Random testing • Reasonable/suspicion testing • Post-accident testing • Return to work testing • Follow-up testing and much more. Prior to hiring an individual or prior to an individual being placed in or returned to a safety-sensitive position. Read More

Infidelity Testing

Have you noticed a change in your relationship?  Is your girlfriend suddenly busy all the time, distant and moody.  Does she make excuses for where she has been?  Has she lost interest in the physical aspect of your relationship?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, she may be cheating on you. You can speculate about these various scenarios or you can eliminate your lingering doubt… Read More

DOT Program Managment

Our high-tech, automated programs have made us the industry’s leading Third Party Administrator (TPA). We’ve changed the way businesses handle drug and alcohol testing. We’ll help your organization, too. You’ll reduce the costs of your DOT drug screen program. We’ll automate your program compliance through our online suite of screening, collection and management services. Read More

Wellness Programs

Sequential instructs employers exactly how and where to invest in wellness for a better investment return. Sequential conducts and develops employee surveys and as well as medical screenings to give employers and employees a clear medical health risks review and concerns. Read More

Training Institute

Since the phlebotomist is considered part of the laboratory team, they must be trained in all aspects of specimen collection and processing. Generally the program includes safe and efficient work practices to obtain specimens, blood collection by capillary or venipuncture, specimen handling, labeling, sorting, preparation for testing, as well as communication, employ-ability skills, and emergency procedures. Read More

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