• Premier Eye Care Solves Data Storage Inefficiencies with NetApp SolidFire

    Premier Eye Care had a problem with data, specifically a problem with the exponential growth in the amount of data they needed to store. They searched for a company that could help them and found NappApp.

    netapp“We had three major issues to solve: backup and recovery, latency, and reporting,” said Premier Eye Care Database Administrator Rob Connock. “With a growth rate of 50 gigabytes a month, we were running out of space. After implementing the NetApp SolidFire storage system, we can completely change the way we work. Now, when I hit the button to refresh development environments, our users get data that is live to that second—not from the night before.”

    Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Premier Eye Care manages routine vision, medical-surgical eye care services, and administrative services for its partner health plans. The company provides eye care to more than three million insured members nationwide. It has operations centers in Boca Raton, Florida, and Honolulu, Hawaii, and a network of contracted optometrists, ophthalmologists, subspecialists, and surgical facilities.

    Premier Eye Care turned to NetApp and implemented a NetApp® SolidFire® all-flash storage system for its Microsoft SQL database workloads to solve major challenges with backup and recovery, latency, and reporting. In doing so, Premier Eye Care reduced its backup-and-recovery time from up to nine hours to seven minutes. Latency fell from 150 to 200 milliseconds to 1 to 2 milliseconds per transaction. Reports that took hours now take minutes and database maintenance cycles accelerated from 22 hours to approximately 4 hours. 

    NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage systems reduce cost and complexity by safely consolidating mission-critical applications onto a single storage platform. The systems provide deep block storage integration with industry-leading cloud, orchestration, and virtualization software. The systems scale storage resources to meet business demands—all with guaranteed performance. According to the company, their NetApp SolidFire’s scale-out architecture allows them to increase storage use incrementally, as needed and nondisruptively.

    With its new solution, Premier Eye Care has:

    • Reduced its backup-and-recovery time from up to nine hours to seven minutes
    • Decreased latency from 150 to 200 milliseconds to 1 to 2 milliseconds per transaction
    • Reduced database maintenance cycles from 22 hours to approximately 4 hours

    You’ll find an interesting case study on their transition to NetApps technology here.



    Source Article from http://emrdailynews.com/2016/10/25/premier-eye-care-solves-data-storage-inefficiencies-with-netapp-solidfire/

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