RosettaHealth Achieves Electronic Health Record Exchange and Interoperability Milestones

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-8-32-38-amRosettaHealth, an innovative, secure, standards-based SaaS interoperability platform that eases the movement of electronic medical records across organizational boundaries, has achieved significant growth and implementation milestones since launching its expanded platform in February 2016.

The cloud-based RosettaHealth platform makes electronic health record exchange affordable and ubiquitous. Used by EHRs, Hospitals, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), mobile health apps, and analytics vendors, RosettaHealth enables the efficient, seamless, and secure transportation of data to connect the whole world of healthcare.

Since being introduced into the HIT market, RosettaHealth has moved more than one million electronic health records per month, and has been utilized by a wide-range of health organizations, including Doctors Community Hospital, Aprima, Par8o, and RxNT. It is also providing the infrastructure for CDC’s Nationwide Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) public health reporting effort.

“Effectively transporting patient data is the foundation for dramatically enhancing the overall quality of care, improving outcomes, and driving down costs,” said Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth. “We are excited about how quickly and effectively RosettaHealth is being adopted, reinforcing the need for efficient data interoperability solutions in the marketplace.”

RosettaHealth, the universal serial bus for clinical information exchange, provides a single interface to send/receive medical information and maintains connections with any other health provider over any interface. The platform empowers healthcare organizations to safely send and direct medical records to caregivers, leaving the connection, protocol routing and translation to RosettaHealth.

The solution can also easily integrate and be operational in days with a wide array of options including HL7 V2, REST, FHIR, XDR, XDS, XCA, NwHIN,
Direct Secure Messaging, SMTP/POP, or via a portal.

The RosettaHealth Platform and its suite of products and services was created by Nitor Group, a leader in health IT solutions. Nitor Group provides a toolkit of healthcare solutions and services enabling organizations to exchange healthcare information safely, securely, and efficiently based on legislated and industry accepted interoperability standards.

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