DNA Testing


DNA paternity testing is based on the fact that each person’s unique gentic blueprint is stored in material known as DNA. This DNA determines everything about us as human beingsand is largely the same for all people. However, small differences in DNA between people determine each of our unique characteristics, including traits like eye color and blood type.There are also DNA differences that have no biological purpose, but which are useful for differentiating between or identifying people. Genetic markers for identity applications like paterenity testing or forensic identification use these types of non-functional genetic differencesOne type of such markers are called Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) because they have varying numbers of repeated segments of DNA.  Another type are called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (or SNPs) because they have a variation in only a sing DNA base.

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Sequential’s Live Chat easy pay system allows you to conveniently make payment toward the cost of the test that you have selected. You can use a credit card or paypal to process.  The initial payment is $150   and additional payments can be made in increments as low as $50.

Once you have paid for the complete cost of your test, results will be forwarded to you via email and/or fax and in 3 business days after receipt of payment. It is that simple.

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Legal DNA-involves the collection of painless cheek swab samples by an unbiased, third party speciment collector. The procedure involves a strict Chain of Custody procedure which includes:

  • Verification of government issued photo ID for each adult tested party
  • A photograph of each tested party
  • The signature for each adult tested party

Painless court ready paternity testing, with swab samples taken at one of our collection sites.

Legal Paternity Testing

A legal DNA paternity test involves the collection of painless cheek swab samples by an unbiased, third party specimen collector. Orchid Cellmark has over 5000 sites nationally.

The results of a properly administered court ready test can be used in a legal matter or to change the name on a birth certificate. We routinely report testing results with a probability of paternity of 99.99% or higher on inclusions and 0.00% on exclusions.


At Home Test-VS-Legal Test

Easy-to-follow kit allows for collection of painless cheek swab samples in the privacy of your own home

collection Painless cheek swab samples are collected by a third party at one of Sequential’s 3000+ national sites, providing a “chain of custody”

Paternity Testing at Home

Conveniently done in the setting of your choice, a Sequential  at-home test offers answers when you just need to know. The Sequential self-contained kits with easy to follow instructions let you administer and collect samples using a painless buccal cheek swab* in a private, non-clinical setting. (Invasive)

Sequential routinely reports testing results with a probability of paternity of 99.99% or higher on inclusions and 0.00% on exclusions. Also referred to as a Sequential curiosity test, an at-home DNA test offers accurate and reliable answers so you can decide the next step. However since samples are self-collected and there is no chain of custody, the final report cannot be used in a legal matter. The results are for the use of the tested parties only. If you intend to pursue a legal matter regarding custody or support payments, Sequential’s legal paternity test is your best choice.

*The AABB does not accredit for non-chain of custody testing at this laboratory or any other laboratory.

Referred to as “curiosity test”, the at-home kit provides answers when you just need to know

Costs $225   

Legal Test

Painless buccal swab samples are collected by a thrid party. Proves cour ready anseres that may be used to resolve custody disputes and legal matters.

Results in 3 business days from when the last sample collected and recieved. Positive test results are routinely 99.9% or higher.

Costs $375  

Fee includes sample collection(s) within U.S an additional collection fee may be accrued for inter-state testing.


*The AABB does not accredit for non-chain of custody testing

Immigration DNA Test

DNA immagration test is a paternity, maternity or kinship test performed to determine if two or more individuals are bioligically related. A DNA immagration test is performed solely at the request of either the Department of Homeland Sercurity (DHS), through one of its USCIS offices or the Department of State (DOS), through one of the US Embassies abroad. Sequential is a government-approved vendor provider.

Sequential works closely with the US Embassies in more than 100 countries abroad to ensure that the samples are collected as quickly as possible. Appoitments within the US can be made within 24 hours on a nation-wide basis. Sequential facilitates the secure and timely shipment of all samples to our accredited DNA testing laboratories in the US.

DNA Maternity Test

A DNA maternity test will test the relationship between a child and his or her alleged mother.

Cost $395 

DNA Kinship Test

A DNA kinship test will test the relationship between two or more individuals to assess if they are biologically related.

Cost $395  

Providing the world’s most reliable aaBB accredited testing since 1985.

Forensic DNA

One of the oldest and most experienced laboratories, providing DNA testing, expert witness and consulting services. Sequential had performed DNA forensic analyses in thousands of case and for hundres of offender samples. We assist the federal, state, and local crime laboratories throughout the country.

Sequential offers a full range of human DNA identitity testing technologies including STR, Y-STR, mithochondrial, and SNP analysis. Our services include evidence screening, DNA analysis, and pre and post-analysis client support. All of our services meet or exceed the applicable requirements of our independing accrediting agencies.  

Prenatal Testing

DNA testing can be conducted prenatally using either a chorionic villi sample (CVS) or amniotic fluid sample, which can be collected during pregnancy by a qualified medical practitioner. (CVS) is a Chorionic Villi Sample is a sample of the placenta of the fetus that is taken either trans-abdominally or transcervically at the 10th week of pregnancy.

Amniocentesis is a procedure to collect an amniotic fluid sample usually between the 14th and 16th weeks of pregnancy.

Sequential offers DNA paternity testing globally to determine the correct father of a child. Our paternity tests are extremely accurate and results are determined through the DNA testing of the child, mother and alleged father. The range of reasons for performing a paternity test can vary from financial support to a simple peace of mind.

Sequential offers legal and private paternity tests; the only difference between the two tests is the documentation procedures used at the time of the sample collection. A private test can be collected anonymously but samples for legal tests must be collected or witnessed by a neutral third party with no interest in the test’s outcome and proper verification of identity documented for each person.

Sequential DNA Testing Solutions offer:

Results in 3-5 working days

  • Strict procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results
  • Chain of Command protocol to ensure legally admissible results
  • Confidentiality
  • Convenient appointments close to your home or office

How does a Paternity Test work?

Paternity testing uses DNA that is found in every human cell in order to determine if someone is the parent of a child. Because each of us was born with unique DNA structures that were given to us by our parents, the resulting DNA will reflect both of our parents’ DNA. To determine a father’s identity, the DNA from the mother, child, and presumed father must all be compared. When enough pieces match, paternity can be determined to an almost certain degree.

What is the testing process like?

A Sequential medical professional will use sterile swabs to collect saliva samples from the inside of the cheeks of the mother, father, and child. The collected samples will be sent to a paternity testing laboratory for processing. The time to complete the testing once a sample reaches the DNA testing lab is usually about three to five days.

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*Alternatively, it is possible to test samples other than cheek swab samples. Non-standard samples require chain of custody paper and involve an additional fee.